Why should you choose John Pooley Consultancy Ltd?

Choosing a professional advisor is about finding a consultant that can understand your organization and that you can effectively work with.

JPC has been delivering trusted, independent advice to a wide range of organizations for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on delivering individual solutions that meet client needs.

  1. 1
    Value for Money

    A key element of our way of doing business is to provide value for money. We do this by understanding our clients’ needs and finding the best solutions to those needs – even if that is not a service provided by JPC. 

  2. 2
    Breadth of experince

    JPC has advised clients with energy spends ranging from as little as £5k/year to over £40M/year in the public, industrial & commercial sectors. JPC has worked across the UK, in Europe, the former Soviet Union, Far East, Canada and the Caribbean. JPC has worked in a wide variety of sectors from social housing through the nuclear power.

  3. 3
    Track Record

    John Pooley Consultancy has been in business for over 25 years and has an impressive client list from a wide range of sectors

  4. 4
    A combination of skills

    JPC delivers an effective blend of management, people and technical skills.

  5. 5
    Making a difference

    JPC’s approach is to work with clients to bring about a lasting difference in the way energy is managed and used.


  • Trusted, independent, valued advice
  • Wide range & depth of experience
  • Management, technical & people skills