Following the general election we are awaiting the Queen’s speech and wondering what the government will be and what it will do.

I have started by looking ministerial appointments in the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). As output, I have marked up part of one of the pages from the BEIS website – see image.

BEIS Ministers – click for full size

I have added notes on education and working life before politics. But what has stuck me is that there appear to be some roles in the pre-election government that have not made it through – so far.

As these posts relate to energy and climate change I am a little concerned. However, you will note that one Minister of State, Claire Perry, has yet to have her responsibilities assigned – so perhaps there is hope?

None of the Ministers, that I can tell from their biographies, come from an industrial or energy background – not that that is essential – but it would be good to see some engineers in government!

Regardless of party politics we need to have talent in government that can provide a clear direction and support for our energy future.

I will continue to watch and will up date this post in the light of changes.

Let’s talk about energy….