Observant readers will note the change of title from Brexit Legislation watch to Brexit Watch. I have done this a) to give a little more scope to the posting and b) it looks like it may be some time before we see any legislation changes!

The Government view is clearly that all the time the UK is a member of the EU we will need to follow all the EU derived legislation. My reading is that this includes the period from enacting  Article 50 to actually leaving. What we do not know is the level of enforcement that will be applied. ESOS is a good example of ‘delayed’ enforcement.

Sine the last posting we have lost the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) – energy is now part of business and industrial strategy – back where it used to be. Is this a good move or a bad move? Time and actions taken alone will tell – I would not want to call it at this stage. The Minister, Greg Clarke has, in the past, made positive statements on both energy and climate change.

I thought you might find it useful to have a short guide to the new department.

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

The department brings together responsibilities for business, industrial strategy, science, innovation, energy, and climate change.
It is responsible for:

• developing and delivering a comprehensive industrial strategy and leading the government’s relationship with business
ensuring that the country has secure energy supplies that are reliable, affordable and clean
• ensuring the UK remains at the leading edge of science, research and innovation
tackling climate change

Note the use of the phrase ‘clean energy’ this is a wider scope than renewable – it could include ‘clean coal’ and nuclear.

The ministers with energy responsibility are listed below with links to their biographies.

Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP

Minister of State for Climate Change and Industry
Nick Hurd MP

Minister of State for Energy and Intellectual Property
Baroness Neville-Rolfe

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Minister for Industry and Energy
Jesse Norman MP

You will see responsibility is spread over a number of people – with Greg Clarke taking the lead. To date none of the team have made any (significant) statements on energy since appointment.

ENERGY STATISTICS: Some of you will have used the energy statistics that were provided by DECC – a really good source of UK energy data. These have also been moved across to DBEIS – the link is here.

You may recall in an earlier posting I mentioned about the Energy & Climate Change Select Committee – they have now opened an ‘inquiry’ called Leaving the EU: Implications for UK energy policy – link

Consultations – there are currently no open consultations relating to energy.

I hope to have something concrete to report in my next posting!