The Environment Agency has released information about non-compliance following the end of its 30 June ‘discretionary’ period.

The Agency has identified 1,500 organizations that fall within the scope of ESOS that have not yet made any submission. The Agency has ‘issued a number of compliance and enforcement notices’.

There are 150 organizations which have notified ‘intent to comply late’ that have yet to fully comply.  The Agency is monitoring progress and will issue enforcement notices ‘where necessary’.

The Agency also reports having undertaken 51 compliance audits – 0% failure, but 65% requiring remedial actions. The most common of these 55% related to organizational structure. Compliance auditing will continue until March 2017. The majority of the remedial actions required ahave been minor – and I would guess not entailed any significant cost.

Advice if you are one of the 1,500 (chances are you are not reading this!) is to get going sooner rather than later – you may not avoid enforcement action, but you might mitigate it.

If you are one of the 150 then get cracking!

If you need any advice on ESOS then do contact me: