18Jan 2018

The end of this year, the 31 December 2018, is the qualification date for ESOS Phase Two, so over the next 12 months I will be covering a range of issues relating to ESOS. Whilst there may have been some thoughts after June 2016 that ESOS would not happen, it is now clear that Phase […]

22Nov 2017

In this posting I am not intending to express any political opinion, but only to report on what has happened. Today (22 November 2017) saw Philip Hammond give his second budget speech. Following its presentation to the House the full documents were available the Government’s website. Looking at the Autumn Budget 2017 document, I undertook a […]

06Sep 2017

The ESOS Regulations are a good example of EU ‘derived’ legislation – as are Display Energy Certificates, Energy Performance Certificates. When the decision was made to leave the EU I know that some thought that all EU based regulation would be removed – the problem is that with a 40 year relationship the extent of […]

20Jun 2017

Following the general election we are awaiting the Queen’s speech and wondering what the government will be and what it will do. I have started by looking ministerial appointments in the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). As output, I have marked up part of one of the pages from the BEIS website […]

31May 2017

Amidst the Brexit uncertainty along comes a general election! What will this mean for energy & environment? Opinion polls (well most of them) suggest that the Conservatives will be returned to power. If they are, and with a good working majority, then what is in their manifesto should be what they do – but experience suggests […]

09May 2017

Having got a smart meter at home I am convinced that smart meters alone will not deliver significant energy savings in the domestic/residential sector. The smart meter is a ‘tool’ and it needs a ‘crafts-person’ to use it. On Friday  31 March I was schedule for a smart meter upgrade. The guy came to install […]

05Apr 2017

Wednesday 29 March saw the hand delivering of the letter to ‘trigger’ Article 50 the UK’s exit from the EU. Interesting in this day and age it was a hand delivered letter. Imagine it had been an e-mail and gone into the junk folder! Following the Article 50 trigger the Government has published its White […]

02Feb 2017

At last progress to report on Brexit! On Wednesday night (1 February) the bill to allow the Government to invoke Article 50 passed its second reading in the House of Commons with 498 in favour and 114 opposing. On Thursday (2 February) the Government published its “Brexit White paper”. The Article 50 bill is one of […]

14Dec 2016

Firstly, wherever you may be in the world and whatever your faith may I wish you a happy and peaceful time this Christmas. Energy use at Christmas I spend my year helping people to use energy more effectively, to question what energy is being used for, to more sustainable. However, for me one of the […]

25Nov 2016

Wednesday saw the new Chancellor of the Exchequer (Philip Hammond) give his first autumn statement – also the first post-Brexit budget statement. One of the most significant aspects is not in the official document but in the speech and that is the abolition of the Autumn Statement and the moving of the Spring Budget to the […]