09May 2017

Having got a smart meter at home I am convinced that smart meters alone will not deliver significant energy savings in the domestic/residential sector. The smart meter is a ‘tool’ and it needs a ‘crafts-person’ to use it. On Friday  31 March I was schedule for a smart meter upgrade. The guy came to install […]

05Apr 2017

Wednesday 29 March saw the hand delivering of the letter to ‘trigger’ Article 50 the UK’s exit from the EU. Interesting in this day and age it was a hand delivered letter. Imagine it had been an e-mail and gone into the junk folder! Following the Article 50 trigger the Government has published its White […]

02Feb 2017

At last progress to report on Brexit! On Wednesday night (1 February) the bill to allow the Government to invoke Article 50 passed its second reading in the House of Commons with 498 in favour and 114 opposing. On Thursday (2 February) the Government published its “Brexit White paper”. The Article 50 bill is one of […]

14Dec 2016

Firstly, wherever you may be in the world and whatever your faith may I wish you a happy and peaceful time this Christmas. Energy use at Christmas I spend my year helping people to use energy more effectively, to question what energy is being used for, to more sustainable. However, for me one of the […]

25Nov 2016

Wednesday saw the new Chancellor of the Exchequer (Philip Hammond) give his first autumn statement – also the first post-Brexit budget statement. One of the most significant aspects is not in the official document but in the speech and that is the abolition of the Autumn Statement and the moving of the Spring Budget to the […]

25Oct 2016

Although this is a Brexit based newsletter I am going to avoid terms such as hard, soft, clean and especially Brexit means Brexit! What I am covering this time is what has happened so far that relates to energy. Mainly reporting ‘facts’ but with some commentary. Overview Arguably the general level of Brexit uncertainty is an […]

30Aug 2016

Observant readers will note the change of title from Brexit Legislation watch to Brexit Watch. I have done this a) to give a little more scope to the posting and b) it looks like it may be some time before we see any legislation changes! The Government view is clearly that all the time the […]

21Jul 2016

The Environment Agency has released information about non-compliance following the end of its 30 June ‘discretionary’ period. The Agency has identified 1,500 organizations that fall within the scope of ESOS that have not yet made any submission. The Agency has ‘issued a number of compliance and enforcement notices’. There are 150 organizations which have notified […]

12Jul 2016

The Energy and Climate Change Committee launches an inquiry exploring the implications for UK energy policy of leaving the European Union. Brexit Legislation Watch No 2 is about an opportunity to influence (or at least contribute) to energy policy making. The UK government relies on the work of select committees to police and inform its […]

27Jun 2016

Following the decision of the UK to leave the EU we are now in times of uncertainty. You, I guess like me, are wondering what happens next. I have stated before that there is always a good case for excellence in energy management – with or without legislative requirements – that said, you will want […]