Corporate Energy Advisor: e-support system

Access to independent, reliable advice is critical for the non-energy professional. There is a lot of advice on the internet, from suppliers and other sources. But is it reliable? Is it independent? Is it trying to sell you a product? Is it matched to your business and your needs?

This is where the JPC e-support system provides the solution. Offered as part of our Corporate Energy Advisor packages. Following on from the JPC Energy Management Diagnostic, and in the case of Levels Two & Three the site visit, our e-support offers independent advice that is right for you.

JPC e-support is based on a ticket system. The number of tickets allocated depends on the package you have signed up to. Level One starts with six tickets, whilst Level Three offers unlimited tickets.

So, if you have a problem, a question, something you want a second opinion on – email us to start the enquiry.

Each enquiry is assigned a ticket and we then provide you with a response, subject to availability, within 48 hours. In some cases one e-mail response maybe be all that is needed. On occasions we may need to seek clarification or further information from you – this is still part of the same ticket.

JPC e-support can be used to ask questions or seek advice on any areas relating to energy management.

For example, but not only:

  • Energy regulations and legal compliance
  • Energy procurement
  • Equipment/service procurement
  • Performance monitoring
  • Energy saving cultures & behaviours
  • Renewable energy

If additional work, outside the package, is required we will then signpost the way forward. This may be additional JPC services or support from others as relevant.

JPC e-support, part of the Corporate Energy Advisor service

Personal Independent | Confidential

Download the Corporate Energy Advisor Leaflet here

To discuss the best package for you e-mail us your phone number and we will call you – Let’s talk about energy.