ISO 50001 Stage 2

Working towards ISO 50001 certification

Having decided that you want to become certified to ISO 50001 you can undertake the process on your own, or just with support from your certifying body. However, we have found that third-party support through the process can deliver real value. It is important to understand that the standard provides the rules, but it does not provide the best approach for your organization – this is something that you need to develop so that you have an EnMS that firstly delivers organizational value and secondly can be audited as compliant.

How can we help?

  • ISO 50001 gap analysis – an assessment of your current status against the standard mapping the areas that need to be addressed. This can also be used as a critical review of the status of energy management
  • Workshops – these can cover all aspects of the standard – ranging from the standard itself, through policy development to general energy awareness.
  • Energy Review – we can undertake an ISO 50001 compliant energy review to identify significant energy use and the other aspects required by the standard. We can also oversee others (internal or external) undertaking this work or review previous supporting work (e.g. ESOS) if that is the preferred approach.
  •  Mentoring – our one to one mentoring support can be provided on-demand throughout the journey to certification as and when needed.

If you would like to talk about ISO 50001 implementation support, then simply contact us and we will get back to you to start the process.