ISO 50001 Stage 3

Certified to ISO 50001 and wanting to improve

Many organizations see the awarding of the management system certificate as the end of the journey and only think about it again when there are compliance inspections. We said before that ISO 50001 was a ‘rule book’ but it is also a tool kit and if the tools are not used and kept in good condition they can add little value. Organizations working towards excellence will not be satisfied with simple compliance.
It should be remembered that ISO 50001 is not your complete energy management programme – it is the administrative engine.

How can we help?

  • Energy programme optimisation – working with you to develop and improve your energy management programme above and beyond the requirements of ISO 50001.
  • Mentoring – our one to one mentoring support can be provided on-demand as and when needed.
  • Workshops – these can cover all aspects of the energy management.

If you would like to talk about post certification support, then simply contact us and will get back to you to start the process.