Managing Change Guide

Resource Efficiency and Corporate Responsibility – a guide on how to manage change in an organisation

Written by Phil Harding ( and John Pooley this guide was first produced by the Government Office for the South West (Sustainability & Environmental Technologies Team) in partnership with Envirowise (now part of WRAP) in 2004 and re-published as a paperback in 2007 for its 4th print run. It was also endorsed by the Carbon Trust ESTA (the Energy Services and Technology Association), and Climate SouthWest.

This is THE guide to have if you are managing or implementing change. This highly respected guide is popular with managers, leaders and Business Schools worldwide. Recognized for its original and effective approach to the whole subject of change management in the context of improving resource efficiency and environmental performance, it is useful for assisting just about any change management process.

Comment on the Guide: (referring to the guide’s section on worst practice)

Could have just as easily published a document of bad practices without the irony of putting them into a fake “how-to-guide” but what fun is that? Cheers to the Brits for their humor.

National Healthcare Manager for Energy Star, Environmental Protection Agency, USA

Over 316,000 copies of this popular (free) guide issued worldwide!

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